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How I Clean All My Vents in 3 Easy Steps

I have been on this “spring cleaning” kick for the last two weeks or so. Keeping a house clean is a ton of work.  And to think I dream of having a bigger house! Well, that “bigger house” would have to come with a cleaning service because, ay yai yai! I didn’t realize all the tiny little things you forget need a good cleaning every once in a while, like your ceiling and floor air vents! These can get pretty dusty and grimy. If you or your kids have allergies you especially, don’t need any extra dust lying around. Plus, filthy air vents can be a major eyesore.

Check out this simple to make, all-purpose, cleaner that’s super safe for the whole family. 

In the past, I have removed each one and cleaned them by hand. Mind you, I only had about 5 in my whole apartment. Now that there are clearly more, I knew I needed a new routine; stat. A few google searches later and I learned that I could have someone else clean them for me. Yup. That “person” would be… my dishwasher! Oh, how my love is growing for her every day!

Here is what you’ll need to do.
vents in dishwasher


  1. Place your ceiling and floor air vents in the dishwasher in the best way you can. (DO NOT USE DISHWASHER SOAP! Dishwasher soap is too harsh for this process.)
  2. Choose your cycle based on how dusty/dirty they are.
  3. Dry them immediately after your wash cycle is over. You don’t want them to start to accumulate any rust.

And that’s it! You can now place them back in their designated places and you didn’t event break a sweat!

clean floor vent

I hope this tip helps make your cleaning routine a little easier and gives you more time to spend with the kids and hubby this Spring. If you’d like to check out another cleaning tip, visit my page here.

Do you have any favorite cleaning tips? Share in the comments below!

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