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My Top 5 Happy Planner Accessories


If you love being organized and want to dive into planning, you’ll need some planner accessories, or what I call them, essentials! There are some awesome products that I personally can’t live without. My favorite planner essentials make planning fun and help keep me organized. If you are a beginner, this is a post just for you.



I wasn’t a big sticker girl growing up but now I really rely on them when planning. And not because they look cute, I mean that helps, but I really like the functionality they provide. I have my favorites, the MAMBI Happy Planner Sticker packs. They have some really great functional stickers and you get an obscene amount of stickers in each book. Learn more about my favorite packs that give you a bang for your buck here!



You all may think I’m obsessed with my planners, um no. Pens are my true addiction. I have been a pen addict since high school and it has gotten even worse when it comes to planning. The obsession of finding pens that write perfectly with the weight and smoothness of my planner paper is serious!

You want to have a set of pens that you are comfortable writing with. You may also consider colored pens if you like the idea of color coding your planner. If you have several areas you are juggling like, work, home, activities, etc. Different colored pens may be helpful to you too. I’m more of a black pen girl personally.

I also recommend using erasable pens. These are great because we never know when plans may change. And if you are anal like me, you don’t want to have to scratch something out. Because, who does that???



Sticky notes are very helpful when trying to plan ahead. You can find out more about how I plan ahead here. It’s always great to have some handy in your planner so that you can always jot a date down that may be far in advance. It’s also great for dates that are tentative or pending.



planner_divider_blog planner_divider_home


Dividers are great if you’d like to section off different areas of planning. I recently set up my new planner. I decided I would keep my vision board, blog plans, and personal planning in my main planner. So, dividing the sections on keeping everything in its own designated area makes it much easier to manage.





Binder clips are great for sectioning off areas or just keeping track of where you are this week in your planner. If you aren’t into dividers or don’t really need them, binder clips are a great alternative. They won’t bulk up your planner and they can be a great pen holder too. Check out this simple binder clip pen holder DIY.



I’m big on trying to keep my craft space and home as tidy as possible so I wanted one place to keep all my planner goodies. Well, I, of course, can’t fit everything into just one container. This bag by MAMBI is really great for storing a ton of stickers, pens, washi and more. I am able to fit the majority of my planner necessities in this bag. And it’s great for travel when you are attending meet ups or planning sessions at Starbucks!

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