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How I Use My Happy Planner

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If you know me at all you know I’m a planner nerd. My favorite planner is The Happy Planner by Me and My Big Ideas. It keeps my life on track as best as humanly possible. I want to share how I use it and why I love it so much.

I’ve always loved when the start of school came around because it meant shopping for a new planner and school supplies (I’m also a pen addict)! After grad school, I didn’t want to see a notebook or planner if it saved my life! Then I had a baby and life changed. It changed a lot! Life had me all whacked out. I wasn’t used to being “that Monique”. I had “mommy brain”, bad! Mommy brain is real, I don’t care what anyone says. I knew I needed to get organized the day I took my daughter to the doctor’s office and it wasn’t even the right date for her appointment. Can we say mommy fail?! I was over wasting time and feeling like a total mess. Planning helps me in a lot of ways and this is how I do it.


There are many ways to use The Happy Planner which is why I like it so much. It can be used as a planner, recipe book, memory keeper, journal, etc. The possibilities are endless! It gives you the chance to be creative and establish a planning style that fits your lifestyle. But most importantly it helps me stay organized and less anxious!


monthly layout happy planner

My monthly planning is pretty simple. I usually pick something to focus on for the month. For May, I, of course, wanted to get stuff done. But I also wanted to focus on how much there is to love in my life. Sometimes we get too caught up in the “to-do’s”. May is my birthday month, the month I was given life! There is no better month to focus on all the love and good I have in my life. So I chose some stickers to reflect that and remind me all month.

I add family and close friend’s birthday’s, appointments, events and holidays. I also keep track of when my step-son is visiting for the weekend and his school calendar for the month. That’s pretty much all I place in my monthly layout. I leave all the more detailed tasks and events for my weekly layout.


I do have a little system to my madness.

First, I create a functional layout. I know this just looks like a bunch of stickers but it’s not just that. I choose stickers that I know are going to allow me to plan the way I need to. Some days I work from home, so those days I choose a “list-like” sticker like these ombre stickers you see below. Then, I place other stickers where I know I need to make certain notes of things that will take place. Last, I place a few more stickers in places I know I won’t need to use the space, just to fill it in and make it look pretty. Why? Because who wouldn’t like to look at something gorgeous to brighten up your busy day?!my happy planner weekly layout

Now, I start to fill her in! I write down a master list of everything I want to accomplish that week in bullet point format. I use the left “notes” column to do that. This gives me a clear vision of what I want to accomplish. I then place those individual tasks into my days of the week where I know I can fit the in based on my availability. I now add in any important events, meetings, birthdays, bills, etc.

Lastly, I  go through my master list of things to do and make sure I have worked them into my weekly plan.

full weekly planner layout

planning videos


The Happy Planner has a unique ring-bound system that lets you remove your pages. I love this because I hate when my hand hits the rings while writing. With this feature, I can also store important documents right inside my planner like bills, invitations, appointment cards, etc. There is a special hole punch that you need for this system that you can order online or pick up at a Michaels near you.

happy planner hole punch

Here are a few hole punches that can work with the happy planner. I personally wait for a good Michaels coupon and snag supplies that way too. 🙂


I love being crafty and creative. Crafting is a haven for me. Any negative energy or anxiety is gone when I create. It’s especially soothing when creating pretty and beautiful things. I like to call my planning style, creative planning. I can design my pages with stickers, stamps and decorative paper. All while settling my anxieties of getting through my busy weeks. But remember, it isn’t about making your planner look pretty, it’s about getting things done! I know I spend time making mine look cute, but that’s because it relaxes me and my creative brain won’t allow me to let it look plain. Some of my favorite stickers to buy are the Happy Planner sticker packs. You get a ton of stickers in one pack which is a good bang for your buck. Below are the packs that are the most functional and fitting for #momlife.


I recently started utilizing my planner as a memory keeper. I’m documenting days that meant something special to me. My husband gifted me an HP Sprocket for Mother’s Day which makes it even easier to memory keep. It’s my new best friend! You can print photos directly from your phone via Bluetooth. The pictures print in a 2×3 size which fits perfectly in a planner.



I can go on and on about how I utilize my planner but I’ll save that for future posts. Ha! I hope this can give you can idea of how to use planning in your life to make it both functional and fun!

favorite planner supplies


Are you a big planner? Share your favorite planner in the comments.


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