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How to Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Now that you’ve got all your goals set and written down on my handy goal setting sheet (you can get that here), what shall you do? Well, if you read my post on setting goals, you know that you need to now put those goals into action. Let’s do this before our motivation begins to dwindle down and our goals get further and further away from us. Here is how to create an action plan to achieve goals.



It will help to prioritize your goals. Grab your list of goals and number them. Or, place them in quadrants of what you know you can start working on now, a month from now, or those that need immediate action. This will help when creating your action plan and schedule of deadlines.

step 2


Now that they are all in order, get your main goal and break it into smaller steps. For example, if you are going to start meal planning in the new year, then you need to set a schedule for that. You need to now allocate time in your daily or weekly schedule for that. Here’s a sample of what that action plan for that goal should look like.


step 3


This is really where you will see how realistic your goals are. You have to implement all of your smaller tasks to achieving your goal in your daily/weekly schedule. Remember, these new goals may be adding on to your already hectic life. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to achieve them. Don’t let that stop you. All this means is you may now need to adjust your schedule. You may need to eliminate something else that was taking up your time and may now not be as important as what you want to achieve. Make time for what’s important and block out realistic timeframes. It’s always better to overestimate deadlines to avoid stress.



You know I am all about planners but this will seriously make your goals even more achievable. Seeing your schedule in full view each day, week, and month will allow you to plan ahead and stay on track. Not only that, it also helps with another important step, tracking.



Nothing is more rewarding than checking off tasks and goals. The joy you feel is motivation enough to continue forward and check off more tasks. It keeps you mindful of the future and forward-focused on the next steps. Tracking your goals will also help you when you need to create a system for future goals. Your planner or journal is the perfect place to reflect back on what worked and what didn’t work for you when creating future goals and schedules.

Always remember, this is what works for me and you may need to tweak a few things to make it fit your style. I hope these tips will help you execute all the great goals I know you can achieve this coming year!




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