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    Free Printable Bucket List for Fall

    Who needs a fall bucket list????! Me! And of course, you!  Are you not super excited that fall is almost here?! I’m clearly hyped about it. I even decided I needed a fall bucket list for my planner so I don’t miss a beat this fall.

    If you can’t already tell, fall is my favorite time of year. Bring on the warm cozy sweaters, hazelnut hot chocolate, pumpkins, decorating; just bring it all on!

    Sometimes we want to do a ton of activities each new season but hey, life can sometimes get in the way right? But, if you have a handy bucket list; you have a better chance of scheduling in those activities each week or month.

    I created this adorable Fall Bucket List with a lot of fall activities that I think most “fall-lovers” enjoy too!

    fall bucket list


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    Back to School Tips for College Students


    Back to School can be both an exciting and hectic time for most college students. I remember those days very clearly and although I looked forward to buying school supplies and a new planner every year; I still got the bubble guts just thinking about how I was going to fit in all my assignments, internships and work each week! 

    Well, two degrees, 2 internships, and 8 years of college later, I can tell you, it’s possible! With the right planning and prioritizing, you can definitely get there. It won’t be easy, but you can at least feel at ease if you try your best to plan accordingly. Here are some tips that definitely helped me get through my college years.


    plan ahead

    You will most likely receive your syllabus a head of time for the majority of your classes. As you receive your syllabuses, sit down and take the time to place all the important dates for each class in your planner immediately. Even if the first exam is 6 weeks away, do it! This will give you a clear vision of when you’ll need to start prepping study guides, study groups, etc. 

    If you’d like to learn more about how I plan ahead for life, check out this post when you’re done here. 

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    My Top 5 Happy Planner Accessories


    If you love being organized and want to dive into planning, you’ll need some planner accessories, or what I call them, essentials! There are some awesome products that I personally can’t live without. My favorite planner essentials make planning fun and help keep me organized. If you are a beginner, this is a post just for you.



    I wasn’t a big sticker girl growing up but now I really rely on them when planning. And not because they look cute, I mean that helps, but I really like the functionality they provide. I have my favorites, the MAMBI Happy Planner Sticker packs. They have some really great functional stickers and you get an obscene amount of stickers in each book. Learn more about my favorite packs that give you a bang for your buck here!

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    DIY: How to Make a Pen Holder


    If your planner doesn’t have a pen holder for your favorite pen, this is the DIY tip you need in your life. It’s simple, easy and very inexpensive.

    You’re probably thinking a headband, really? Well, yes, really! You don’t know how many times I’ve needed my pen to jot something down and I can’t find it! I got tired of that real quick. So, I looked around for ways to secure my pen to my planner or notebooks and there it was. A simple headband! It so happened that I had some extra headbands lying around that were too big for my little lady’s head so I went to work. In just a few minutes I had a cool pen holder and I was ready to get to planning again.

    The nice thing about using an elastic headband is that it gives nice support to hold your pen. The binder clip is perfect because it can clip onto the side of almost anything! Give it a try!

    You will have a nice secure place to hold your favorite pen on your planner, journal or favorite notebook in no time. Here is what you’ll need.

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