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Back to School Tips for College Students


Back to School can be both an exciting and hectic time for most college students. I remember those days very clearly and although I looked forward to buying school supplies and a new planner every year; I still got the bubble guts just thinking about how I was going to fit in all my assignments, internships and work each week! 

Well, two degrees, 2 internships, and 8 years of college later, I can tell you, it’s possible! With the right planning and prioritizing, you can definitely get there. It won’t be easy, but you can at least feel at ease if you try your best to plan accordingly. Here are some tips that definitely helped me get through my college years.


plan ahead

You will most likely receive your syllabus a head of time for the majority of your classes. As you receive your syllabuses, sit down and take the time to place all the important dates for each class in your planner immediately. Even if the first exam is 6 weeks away, do it! This will give you a clear vision of when you’ll need to start prepping study guides, study groups, etc. 

If you’d like to learn more about how I plan ahead for life, check out this post when you’re done here. 


color coded planner


color code list

By this time, you already know that you have more than one class to manage as a college student. Your schedule probably consists of 4 classes, at the very least. Don’t panic, keeping track of each class and their assignments can be much easier than you think. Designating a color for each class will allow you to distinguish each assignment much more quickly when looking through your planner. 

This is one tip I didn’t follow in college and I regret it.  You don’t know how many times I’d just glance over and assignment just because it wasn’t highlighted as a priority that week. Then I was scrambling to get it done on time. Highlight each assignment in their designated color the week it’s due so you know what to expect that week. 

Color coding can be arranged by different topics too. It doesn’t have to be just assignments or classes. Here’s a short list of several things you can color code to help you stay organized.





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This can be hard because there are a ton of great planners out there, but you need one! I don’t care what anyone says to you, you need to visually see what you have ahead of you. Planning can seem dull to most college students, especially male students. But guys, take note, girls really like guys who are on top of their shit. 🙂 Below are some suggested planner options for both males and females that I think would work great for college students. Here are some suggested planner options for both males and females that I think would work great for college students.






Staying focused can be really hard. With all the distractions around us like our cell phones, social media, friends, extra curricular activities, etc; one way I managed to stay focused was to designate a specific time in your day for specific tasks. For example, if you are most creative and sharp in the early morning then plan to write your papers at that time. If it’s at night, then write your papers at night.

If you tend to be most energetic in the afternoon; plan to do your reading assignments at that time in a quiet place. I know reading can seem like a calming activity, but it would be really hard to read if you are at your “crashing” point of the day.

All in all, be strategic in figuring out when you work best and more efficiently and then plan your assignments/tasks around those time. This will definitely keep you more focused on the task at hand.



Lastly, have fun! Enjoy your college years as they will go fast. Join some groups or organizations you are passionate about. Network, join a sports team or yoga class to keep you active. And most of all, be responsible. It’s OK to have fun but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do! Lol! Never jeopardize your goals and career for anyone, remember that. 

I hope all the college kids have a great start to their year and find some of this information helpful! 



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