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How to Alleviate Sinus Pain with Coconut Oil

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I used to be the queen of sinus infections until I discovered the benefits of a neti pot and coconut oil. This is the relief all allergy sufferers need.


When I turned 23, I was caught off guard with painful sinus infections because I never had sinus issues as a kid/teen. Imagine my surprise when I was in so much pain and literally bed ridden for three days! During pregnancy, I had zero sinus infections. Even after pregnancy, my number of sinus infections lowered tremendously. I was relieved. But one day it crept up on me again.

I began looking into other options to get rid of the congestion. I started seeing search results for Coconut Oil. Turns out it’s great for nasal congestion and works as an inflammatory among other things.

I was already an avid user of Neti Pots. When I learned I could use the Coconut Oil in combination with the Neti Pot, I was so ready. I kid you not, in just 6 hours, I was feeling better. The sinus pressure was gone and my sinuses were flushing out. Prior to this discovery, I would have debilitating sinus pain for at least 3 days. I have never bounced back from a sinus cold/infection that fast in my life! We don’t get a day off from being a mom, so being able to bounce back and get back to work the following day was wonderful!

I’ve been using this Neti Pot and kit for a couple years now and love it. It’s easy to use and comes with the saline solution packets already made. You can use the Coconut Oil you prefer, but it’s best if it is extra virgin and cold pressed.


neti pot and coconut oil

Keep in mind, preventative care is always key. Don’t wait until the sinus infection hits. Using a Neti Pot daily or weekly will help clear out the nasal passage. Riding it of environmental pollutants, animal dander, grass, house dust, etc. Follow these steps to keep your sinuses clear and hopefully give you some relief.

  1. Turn 2 tbsp. of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil into liquid form ( I placed it in a small plastic container and let it sit in hot water for about 10 minutes until it liquefied)
  2. Get lukewarm, filtered or distilled water and place it in the Neti Pot.
  3. My Neti Pot has the pre-packaged saline (salt) so I added that to the water. If you don’t have that you can use 1/2 teaspoon of either table salt or sea salt, per cup of water.
  4. Pour your Coconut Oil into the Neti Pot, give it a stir and get to work. Here is a helpful link on how to use a Neti Pot).


Unfortunately, the little ones tend to suffer from allergies too. Neti Pots aren’t easy to use on the little ones. In the past, I’ve used a new and sterilized baby suction bulb. You simply suck up the solution listed above with the bulb and squirt it into one nostril. It will shoot out the other side. Gross, I know, but it works well. Just be sure the baby is learning forward and has their mouth open. Which it usually is because the poor babies can’t breathe through their tiny noses.

I am also a huge fan of the Nose Frida by Frida Baby. I purchase one for every one of my friends or family members who have a baby.  It is the best suction device when they are sick and works for everyday suction after baths. 

How do you deal with sinus/allergy issues? Share your tips in the comments.

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