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Thank you for visiting my site!

As you can probably gather by now I’m a planner addict and blogger. Yes, that’s right. But I’m also a marketer, wife, stepmother, single child, crafter, book worm, event planner, sticker maker, and the list goes on! Hence, the name of my blog.

I started my blogging journey with Mommy’s Here almost 3 years ago after I had my baby girl, Gianna. It was simply a creative outlet for me. But that quickly turned into a little bit of a love obsession.

I am a full-time Marketing Director for a Latin dance company I adore. This job allows me to work from home primarily so  I have had the privilege and insanely overwhelming experience of being a work-at-home mom. It’s rewarding but ever so challenging at times! This is where the necessity of planning and organization is a big deal. Not only is it important in my life, it also allows me to utilize my creative energy!

I hope to take you on my planning journey and share any and all tips I have to create a well planned and great life for yourself and your families.

If there is ever something you want to know or want to see, drop me a line!