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5 Ways to Ease Mommy Anxiety and Be Happier

5 Ways to Ease Mommy Anxiety and Be Happier

I don’t even have to say anything about what it’s like to be a mother because clearly, you already know. It’s just too much sometimes. It can bring our anxiety to an all-time high on most days, right? We know the struggles and we also know the rewards. And at times, we don’t give ourselves enough rewards to ease mommy anxiety. We must keep in mind, our mind, body, and soul are what keeps the whole family going. We should make sure “we” can keep going too. So here are a few ways we can ease mommy anxiety and be happier.

  1. Play Dates – Although I don’t get to spend a whole lot of time with my fellow mommy friends when I do it’s been very helpful for me these past three years. It can be hard to find the time to hang out so, set up a play date! This gives you a small break from being wonder mommy and allows some one-on-one “mommy talk” time with your girlfriends. And, your little ones get to build relationships with one another as well.                                                             
  2. Join a Facebook Group – Now, I am just being honest, this wasn’t for me. But, I do know it has helped many other moms. And I am sure there are some really great groups out there. You just have to find the one that fits you. It’s a place to vent, get mommy advice and ease that mommy anxiety whenever you need to. Plus, you can possibly meet more moms in your area. Leading to more play dates and more mommy talk time. It’s a win, win! 
  3. Exercise – I don’t do this myself and I know I should. There was a week, yes I said only a week, when I was waking up before everyone else to do a quick workout and take a 30 -minute walk alone. I was so energized, more at ease, and happier throughout the day. It was refreshing! I need to get back to this myself. There are a ton of quick workout guides online and on Pinterest. I recently got to know another mom who is a personal trainer and blogger. If you join her email list she is giving away her Ultimate Booty Building Guide. Check her out!
  4. Girls Night In – It’s difficult and sometimes expensive to get a baby sitter. So, invite your girlfriend/girlfriends over for a “Girls Night In”.  Ask the hubby to put the kids down for the night. Or, have them over after the kiddies are asleep. Whether it’s to watch a movie and have some wine. Or, just chat it up with one another. It’s always nice to get in time with the ladies you love the most
  5. Therapy – No, I’m not saying you need a shrink. But hey, maybe you do! I had a lovely therapist that I would frequent from the age of 21 on. I would visit for occasional life moments that were just getting the best of me. Once I had a child, boy did I need another outlet to just make sure I was good with me. If mom isn’t healthy spiritually, mentally and physically it makes things harder for everyone. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You are doing it for YOU so that YOU can be the best form of you. Which results in being the best mommy, wife, employee, sister or friend you can be.



These are all things have helped ease mommy anxiety for either myself or other mom’s I know and trust their opinions.

What do you do to ease mommy anxiety? Share your tips in the comments section with me!

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