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    How to Make a Daily Work Plan


    Planning our personal lives is always helpful, but what about planning in the workplace? I have found that creating a monthly, weekly and daily work plan has helped me remain focused and more productive. So let’s jump into how to make a daily work plan that will work for you!


    I started to do this to get me back on track each day and it’s been a gem! The very first thing I do is create a list of consistent tasks that I know always happen monthly, weekly and daily. This has helped me a ton because let’s face it, things always come up! We rarely have a consistent day without any “new” tasks. Having this list will help you with staying on top of consistent tasks you must do. Avoiding getting thrown off and distracted by the changes.


    A system that has been working well for me is selecting the “Top 3” tasks I must complete that day. List them in order of priority and get to work. This drives your day and keeps you accountable. All while helping with your overall plan for the day.

    Once you have your top three tasks, break it down even further. List out all the tasks you will need to do in order to achieve your “Top 3”. Next, you can list all other daily tasks that are consistent. You can also break up all your tasks into a “must do” category and a “should do” category. That way, you know where all your attention needs to be and avoid wasting time.

    Need help creating an action plan? Learn more about that here! 



    If you want to give this system a try, I’ve created a daily sheet that follows the system described above. There are two versions. One for those who prefer an hourly schedule and those who do not. If you’d like to try this printable out, sign up below!

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