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    How to Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

    Now that you’ve got all your goals set and written down on my handy goal setting sheet (you can get that here), what shall you do? Well, if you read my post on setting goals, you know that you need to now put those goals into action. Let’s do this before our motivation begins to dwindle down and our goals get further and further away from us. Here is how to create an action plan to achieve goals.

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    How to Set Your Goals and How to Achieve Clarity


    The new year is approaching and you’re pumped! You are ready for a new beginning and you’ve got some changes you want to make. You’ve got goals! But how will you achieve them? What’s your plan? For starters, you need to get it all down on paper. It is a proven fact that when people write things down, they are more likely to work toward execution. So let’s talk about how to set your goals and how to achieve some clarity for the new year.


    Setting goals can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We want to do so much but we think to ourselves, we only have a year. And you are right, we have a year. So you don’t want to add any unrealistic goals to your plan. What has worked for me in the more recent years, is getting these goals on paper. It helps to have a visual of what you want to accomplish and can evaluate how realistic these goals are.

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