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    March Madness & My Master Checklists

    march madness

    Now when I say March madness I’m not talking about brackets and basketball. I’m talking life at it’s best; full of to-dos, work, home projects, family visits, and party planning. 

    Whew! I think the hubby and I are very ready for April. Ha! Although March was super busy I’d have to say we accomplished quite a bit. One is throwing a 5th birthday bash for our little lady that rocked her world. Talk about winning! We are still wrapping up some home projects but things have definitely slowed down a bit.

    I feel like the first quarter of the year is usually quite busy. You have new goals set for yourself plus, you are still trying to adjust to the new year and whatever it brings your way. The good thing is, it’s only the first quarter. You have 3 more to go to continue with your goals. I know I definitely need a reset for Q2, how about you? 

    I really like to pre-plan whenever possible. Part of my reset is going to be pre-planning for Q2 with my Master Lists. I am sharing those lists with you too. Even if you don’t need a reset per se, I always find it helpful to have master lists for the month.

    Having master lists for Q2 will allow you to:

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    How to Turn a Setback into a Comeback


    It happens to all of us, we start off so eager to fulfill a goal and then BAM!, something unexpected happens or you just lose your juice. Let’s talk about how to turn your setbacks into a comeback.


    First, let’s make this clear. Setbacks are just that, a setback. It is not the end of what your heart desires. We have to remind ourselves that things don’t always go as planned. As much as we would love that, it just isn’t always the case. Planning is important and I am always up for a good plan. But those plans can turn rotten at times and that’s totally OK.

    For example, the hubby and I were hit with some unexpected expenses over the summer last year. Plus, the summer is full of so many wonderful things to do so we weren’t sticking to our debt-free plans. I almost let it get the best of me but I chose the latter. I knew we had to reevaluate, revise and rejuvenate our goals in order to get back on track. So let’s get to that.


    Here are 5 steps to take in order to get your goals back on track.

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    2019 Goal Planning Sheet and Download

    free 2019 goal planning sheet printable

    My 2019 Goal Planning Sheet is here so you can get a jump start of your goals for the new year. 

    It’s that time of year!

    I really love when a new year is coming to an end. It’s the perfect time to reflect on all we’ve accomplished. It’s also a great time to transfer over any goals we didn’t get to in 2018. Or, you may feel that it just isn’t a priority anymore. So, let’s get to writing down all the things that are of importance to you. With my 2019 goal planning sheet, you can focus on categories like home, fitness, and family to help you narrow down exactly what you want to accomplish in 2019. 

    How to use my 2019 Goal Planning Sheet

    free 2019 goal planning sheet printable
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    Planning Your Decluttering Project

    This post contains affiliate links that I receive a small commission from.  I have used all these products and recommend them from experience.

    Summer is here and before you know it, it will be gone! I don’t want to be “Negative Nancy” but summer does fly by. For some of you, you will be back to school and your crazy schedules in just a couple of weeks. I know, meh! The nice thing is you still have some time to relax and start planning your decluttering project. 


    No one, and I mean no one, likes to start the school year, or the new season, with a house full of junk. Your kids will be coming home with school projects, artwork, homework, exams, etc. And where will that end up? On the refrigerator, in a bin, on your kitchen table! So, clear out all the things; make room for new experiences and new memories! And cleanse yourselves of what’s no longer bringing joy to your lives.


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    Second Quarter Master Checklists


    Hey there, my favorite planning people! April is here which means it’s the start of a new quarter. I like to sometimes plan things out quarterly in order to plan ahead. I created a Second Quarter (Q2) Master Checklist printable for you, check it out!


    This past weekend I hosted a local planner meet-up with two other lovely planner babes. I decided to share a little Many Sides to Me swag with our guests. I wanted to share something that would be useful.

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