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    How to Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals

    Now that you’ve got all your goals set and written down on my handy goal setting sheet (you can get that here), what shall you do? Well, if you read my post on setting goals, you know that you need to now put those goals into action. Let’s do this before our motivation begins to dwindle down and our goals get further and further away from us. Here is how to create an action plan to achieve goals.

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    How to Set Your Goals and How to Achieve Clarity


    The new year is approaching and you’re pumped! You are ready for a new beginning and you’ve got some changes you want to make. You’ve got goals! But how will you achieve them? What’s your plan? For starters, you need to get it all down on paper. It is a proven fact that when people write things down, they are more likely to work toward execution. So let’s talk about how to set your goals and how to achieve some clarity for the new year.


    Setting goals can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We want to do so much but we think to ourselves, we only have a year. And you are right, we have a year. So you don’t want to add any unrealistic goals to your plan. What has worked for me in the more recent years, is getting these goals on paper. It helps to have a visual of what you want to accomplish and can evaluate how realistic these goals are.

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    Daily Morning Routine Checklist

    So, guys!  I’ve got an update and another free printable of my new daily morning routine checklist.

    If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, or here,  you’ve seen that I started a new morning routine on this week. I am here to report it went quite well and I’m loving the results so far.

    I won’t’ lie, it was a bit of a struggle getting up at 5:00 a.m. when my husband gets up for work. But doing it with someone does help! I did pop out the bed at 5:00 a.m. It took a little while to get up but what matters is, I did! I was dressed and showered before 7:00 a.m. each day. Which was great since my little one wakes up between 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. It also knew I needed to track it, instead of tracking it in my planner I posted it to my Insta-story. This was for accountability purposes. I knew if I shared it with everyone, it would push me even harder to get it done and it worked!

    Need tips on how to plan a good morning routine? Check out my last post! 



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    Monthly Planner Subscription Box Review


    Monthly subscription boxes are the jam right now. I recently became a part of The Stationary Muse PR Team and thought I should do a quick unboxing video on the Live. Love. Inspire. monthly planner subscription box. All I can say is, I’m thoroughly impressed!


    A Lifestyle Item: This varies with each box. The September box I reviewed came with a personalized Tote Bag. Prior boxes have included T-shirts, pencil pouches, etc. The tote bag is durable and I really liked seeing my initial on it. 🙂


    Stationary Item: My box included a full notebook pictured below. This item is a handmade item and I loved the quality of the notebook and the adorable message that went with The Pampered Planner theme of the box. Read more…


    How to Plan a Good Morning Routine


    Do you feel like you don’t start the day off right? Maybe you just need a little help planning a good morning routine.

    I’ll be the first to admit, mornings are tough for me. Working from home makes it a little harder to get a good start each day. I don’t have a job to get to at 9 a.m. I can literally roll out of bed and turn on my laptop. Well, not exactly. I have to roll out of bed, feed my daughter, keep her entertained, take her to Preschool, and then get to work. So where do I fit in time for me? Usually not until about 9 p.m., if I’m lucky.

    I’ve learned when I do take time to plan out my mornings and get out of bed early enough, I am super productive through out the day. I, like everyone else, fall off of routines all the time. But you know what, that’s OK! Each day is a new day. Each day we have the chance to start over again.

    I decided to get myself back on a track and start to work in some time for myself and my health each day. Here’s what I did to plan a good morning and evening routine.



    What is most important for you to add into your morning routine? What do you want to accomplish each morning? Maybe you want to get up early to exercise or meditate. Or, maybe you want to plan your day out and get in a shower alone. Make a short list of things you want to fit in each morning. And list them in order of importance. Then choose 2-3 things.  Read more…